Book Lists

Students attending PCS are responsible for the purchase of most of their own books (some classroom sets are provided already by the school).  

Book lists vary by grade and can be reviewed here:

Orders and payments are due by July 1st in order to avoid shipping charges, so do not delay in placing your order!  Also, please be sure to review your students’ list carefully, as there are some books (such as the “Handbook for Reading”) that are not required for purchase every year (unless you choose to order a new one).  Books will not be distributed at the beginning of the school year until they have been paid for. Please be aware that scholarship monies are for tuition only, and cannot be subsidized for book costs.

If you are utilizing a book passed down from an older sibling, or a book that you have gotten from another previous student, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the edition is the correct one, and that no writing has been left in the book, as this can have a negative impact on your child’s education.