PCS Virtual Open House 20-21

Welcome to the Punxsutawney Christian School’s

Virtual Open House for the 2020-2021 school year!

Below, you can “visit” each of our classrooms by watching short videos that give you a glimpse of what the students have been working on.  Although this fall has been a little different, we are blessed to be back in the school building, learning alongside one another and growing in Christ together.

Enjoy our Virtual Open House!

A Welcome from our Administrator


Miss Cathy Knox and Miss Jennie Pearce

The Preschoolers have been working on a unit all about apples.  They’ve been doing some experiments with apples, learning about the life cycle of apple trees, and of course taste-testing the apples!


Mrs. Kerin Mesanko

The Kindergarten students have been busy with phonics!  They’re working on vowel sounds and blends, which will lead into reading and spelling C-V-C (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

1st Grade

Miss Ashlyn Smith

The first graders are excited to welcome you to their classroom!  They’ve been doing some fun “all about me” activities, including creating their very own self-portraits!

2nd Grade

Mrs. Tammy Mertz

The second graders have a special tradition:  the STUDENTS become the teachers on Open House Night!  In their video, a few second grade students teach their parents some handwriting, phonics, and graphing.

3rd Grade

Miss Elaina Simpson

Why are the third graders painting with spinach?  To learn about chlorophyll and photosynthesis!  In their video, the third graders experiment with spinach leaves as part of their unit about plants.

4th / 5th Grade

Miss Morgan Lantz

The fourth and fifth grade students have been doing some fun “all about me projects,” and learning about character traits from the stories they’re reading.

6th Grade

Mrs. Deanna Venturini

The sixth grade students have been studying the provinces of Canada.  Each student practiced research skills by creating a poster project detailing special traits of their assigned province.

High School

Grades 7 – 12

Mrs. Brenda Troutman

Mrs. Amanda Dunmire

Mrs. Jen Markle

Mrs. Kelly Wilbur

Flower dissections, grammar menus, graphic design, kinetic theory, and more!  The high schoolers have been diving deep into exciting academics this school year.