High School

Grades 7 - 12

Preparation for the Future

At PCS, our high school program (grades 7-12) provides rigorous academics that prepare students for both college and career. With small class sizes and a low teacher-student ratio, we are able to provide an education that is both challenging and motivating to our students. Our graduates consistently indicate that their education at PCS was essential in their personal development and preparation for success after graduation.

Developing Disciples

With Bible class, scripture memorization, and Chapel lessons, our high schoolers learn in an environment that facilitates spiritual growth. PCS students graduate with a strong knowledge of God’s Word, starting their adult lives with a foundation of solid truth. Rich in community involvement and service, our high school program focuses on developing a generation of leaders who will make a difference for Christ in their neighborhoods.

Versatile Curriculum

We aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience for our high school students. In addition to core classes and electives, high schoolers have the option of taking part in various clubs, organizations, and athletic programs. Our teachers implement a variety of strategies to be sure that all students, no matter their learning style, are able to master the high-level academics.

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