Special Classes

Our elementary school program includes a variety of enrichment classes that give our students a more well-rounded educational experience beyond their core classes. Our goal is to help students become lifelong learners that are eager to explore their world through a variety of subjects.


Focusing on 2D and 3D Arts such as painting, sketching, and sculpting, PCS students get to develop their artistic skills in an encouraging and creative environment. Age-appropriate projects help students improve their artistic capabilities step-by-step.


In Music class, students explore the language of music through elements such as notation, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmony, and melody. Students develop both audial and vocal skills through their practice. Every year, students prepare and perform class songs in the Christmas Program and End-of-the-Year Program.

Physical Education

PCS recognizes the importance of not only a spiritual and academic education, but a physical one as well. Our physical education classes combine the excitement of games and exercise with an emphasis on well-rounded physical health. Students learn how to work together as a team, overcome challenges, and become a healthier individual through weekly gym class.


Our elementary students benefit from a bi-weekly trip to our school library, which is full of age-appropriate books that are sure to spark interest in our young readers. Our library teacher also provides lessons focused on reading, as well as whole-class readings of stories and excerpts.


In today’s digital age, we believe it is important for students to learn how to use technology in a responsible way from a young age. In typing class, students learn first and foremost how to type fluidly on a computer keyboard. Beyond the skill of typing, they also learn how to navigate the Internet appropriately, use computers for research, and use Word Processing to create documents.


At PCS, we recognize the importance of developing language skills (including Foreign Languages) at a young age. That is why we offer weekly Spanish lessons, where students learn the basics of the Spanish language. This prepares to speak more fluently in their high school studies, where they will deepen their knowledge of Spanish grammar and structure.