Tuition Information

The Tuition Agreement Form is due with your application. It details the tuition fees, discounts, and scheduling for your student’s enrollment to PCS.

Dress Code

Students attending PCS agree to abide by our dress code, which can be reviewed at the link below.

PCS partners with Tee Riffik of Big Run, PA for custom PCS clothing. On occasion throughout the school year, order forms will be sent home for those interested in ordering clothing. To make orders personally outside of school-sponsored orders, contact Tee Riffik directly at 814-427-2283.

Application for Admission

Applications to PCS are considered based on timeliness of submission as well as meeting of all qualifications. First-time applicants will be required to complete placement exams as part of the enrollment process. A birth certificate is required to verify age of any enrollee to PCS.


How much does it cost to attend PCS?

Regular tuition ranges from $3,235 to $3,550 per year for the first child attending, depending on grade level. Discounted prices are offered for additional children attending from the same family. Payment details can be found in the Application for Admission.

Are there tuition discounts for families?

Yes, we do offer tuition discounts for families (elementary school only). After the first child, a discounted rate is available to all subsequent children enrolled in the same school year.

Can tuition be paid monthly?

Options are available for the timing of your payments. You may choose to pay in full for the entire year, or payments may be broken up into 12 months or 10 months.

What types of payment do you accept?

You may choose to pay using cash, check, money order, or credit card (we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or Debit). You may also choose to enroll in the FACTS program, which allows you to set up monthly automatic deductions from your checking account, or be sent a monthly invoice to be paid.

Is transportation available?

Transportation is available to students in the following school districts: Armstrong, Marion Center, Brookville, Punxsutawney, DuBois, and Purchase Line. It is the responsibility of the students parent/guardian to contact the school district’s transportation provider to arrange transportation.

What athletic opportunities are available?

Students in grades 7-12 can participate in co-op sports with the Punxsutawney Public School, as long as they meet academic eligibility requirements. Additionally, our high school facilitates athletic clubs (such as intramurals, volleyball, and bowling) that students can participate in. In elementary school, we offer an after-school basketball league during the spring for grades 3-6.

How many students are typically in one class?

We limit our class sizes to no more than 15-18 students, depending on the grade level. In the event of a grade level reaching maximum capacity, a wait list will be started. If enough interest is formed on the wait list, adding another class will be considered. We aim to never overfill our classes, with the belief that a smaller teacher-student ratio is essential in depth of learning.

Can you accommodate special needs?

We always aim to provide the most accessible atmosphere possible for all students, including those with special needs. However, since we are not a state-funded school, we are not able to facilitate a special education department, and we consequently cannot guarantee the provision of all necessary accommodations. You are welcome to discuss your student’s individual needs with the school administrator in order to work out the best possible learning environment for your child.

Are cafeteria lunches available?

Daily hot lunches are provided in our cafeteria (as well as breakfast for elementary students). Students may choose to purchase the school meal, or pack their own lunch.

Can I purchase second-hand books for my student?

Purchasing second-hand books for your student is permissible, as long as the books are in a condition good enough for use and are the correct version number. Additionally, second-hand books must have no marks in them, as this can be detrimental to the learning of the student using them second-hand.

How can parents be involved?

Parents are always welcome to dialogue with our teachers about the progress of their child. Additionally, classroom helpers are needed on occasion – teachers will send home information about whether they need volunteers for their classrooms. Fundraisers often provide opportunities for parents to volunteer, and our PIE (Partners in Education) Organization welcomes parent members.